Voyagerges 002: Creative Differences

November 1, 2018
What do you do when you're three seasons deep and out of ideas?
You get META, baby!
This week, we discuss VOY 3x24, "Worst Case Scenario."
It gives us a tantalizing look into what might happen if Chakotay ever did anything interesting, through a holodeck Maquis mutiny gone wrong.
It also gives a peek behind the curtain of the Voyager writing staff, where annoying actors and their nuisance notes can be deactivated like an EMH without his 26th century portable holo-emitter.
Man, I wish they had just put a giant "H" into his forehead like good ol' Arnold Rimmer:
Anyway, please for the love of god someone suggest a good episode of Voyager before I throw myself into a malfunctioning plasma conduit.