The Hour Long 5 Minute Podcast #1: “My Name’s Sheldon, Sheldon Cooper”

April 5, 2018

Welcome back to The Five Minute Podcast! It's a special series I do every once in a while for my patreon subscribers – they each send me a topic, and I create a special little podcast just for them. Enjoy this batch!

0:00 [Intro]

1:06 Wolverine's Intervention

7:38 Help Me Lose Weight

13:47 Ocarina of Shitting On Your Mom

19:55 Valentine's Gifts

27:07 Qui Gon's List

32:22 Talk to Girls in Public

47:00 What We Can Get Away With?

53:48 Just Let Them Watch It!

59:13 The Hand I've Been Dealt

1:05:16 Insweetilize?

1:11:05 The Spice Chuncs of Life

1:17:25 [Outro]