Porg Chatter #11: Orlando: The Mecca of Porgs

October 25, 2018

Henlo it’s Skinachos. Asterios won’t let me watch anime until I write this post copy, so enjoy this episode of Porg Chatter before I put myself in an Idolm@ster coma like the worthless piece of human garbage that I am. Speaking of rotting garbage, in this episode, we return from the Mecca of Porgs: Orlando, Florida. I have recently come into possession of three new sons:

Caffeine (a coffee cup with a lobotomy)

Dumpling (a mechanical talking porg who apparently hates women)

And Kevin (a stuffed porg who’s closer to me emotionally than drinky-drivey lawyer Kevin Landau is physically to his ankle alcohol monitor).

Plus, there’s still one more week to enter our iTunes review contest to win your very own stuffed porglet! All you have to do is write a review on iTunes, then send a screencap of it to

Lmao imagine being able to build traps and shit and everyone still hates you THIS POST WAS MADE BY PORG GANG. Enjoy!