Boomer vs. Zoomer #12: Zoomer vs. Susan

January 14, 2019
Who gets more triggered: Boomers or Zoomers? Is Louis CK's new material Louis P.U.? And what are the ingredients for my hot new drink, "The Orlando Sunrise?" Hear these things AND an update on the status of my all-new social media team on this week's Boomer vs. Zoomer, live from my mom's kitchen in Orlando Florida!
And yes: I'm not wearing any pants, because why would anyone do that? They're like leg prisons!
Here's the big news: Mumkey's got a new video out, and it's up to all of us to ensure that it stays alive on YouTube. Right after this taping, the "Jungle Jimmy" account was killed, which is the stupidest thing YouTube's weekend moderation team could have done.
Another podcast he's on, State of The Youtube, was totally demonitized at the channel level. Someone at that company has a hard-on for America's Sweetest Baby Boy and it's not fucking cool, and I wanna help him as much as I can.
Listen to this for ways you can help him too!
* * *