Asterios Talks To Strangers #3: Zwick Appreciation Week!

October 1, 2018

More people could use a little Zwick in their lives!

That's why I'm launching ZWICK APPRECIATION WEEK. It's a campaign to tell content creators about America's Favorite Editor Boi, and find ways for them to work together.

Why would I share my secret weapon? Because he's so goddamn good, I know he could help a LOT of people. Podcasters would sound better, YouTubers would have crisper looking videos...he could make everyone's stuff funnier and lives easier!

Not only does Zwick edit every  episode of The Five Minute Podcast (over 500), but he's also the man who gave the sonically layered approach to Science Friction. He uses clips and sound effects so seamlessly, I think it sounds better than "professional" radio shows.

And he does more than just shine shit up. He adds jokes, enhances our voices, and uses his honed comedic judgement to cut out boring bullshit. Much like his colleagues Producer Jesse & Editor Kimball, he's just an all-around superstar. 

So it's time to get the word out. If you make a podcast, or know someone who does, have them email

Let's make EVERYONE funnier, tighter, and better sounding...together.